On medium porosity hair. Are these your hair as well?

No matter what, natural wavy hair will certainly have medium porosity hair. However, this structure is not reserved for only curly hair. Medium porosity hair are the temporary state between high porosity and low porosity hair. What should you know about them?

To describe what medium porosity hair are like is not easy. This is a type of hair that are somewhere in between high porosity and low porosity hair. They are neither smooth and glossy nor dry and damaged. It is usually said that this hair have tendency to change porosity and become high porosity hair, because it is much easier to worsen current hair condition than visibly improve it.

What does medium porosity means?

It is all based on how much hair cuticles are raised and the fact that it can change. The most healthy hair have closed cuticles that closely adhere to hair shaft. The worse hair condition the bigger pores in the structure. Medium porosity hair are in the middle of it - their cuticles are a bit raised, but not entirely.

This is how it looks like, anatomically speaking. What are medium porosity hair like in reality? They can be usually differentiated in close observation. They dry a bit longer than high porosity hair and are easier in stylisation than low porosity hair. Furthermore, they perfectly absorb hair dye, but are prone to frizz and split ends. It is generally easier to curl them, because they are liable to stylisation cosmetics and high temperature.

Almost in every matter they are in between high and low porosity hair. Due to this fact it is difficult to determine hair care method for medium porosity hair. It is certainly easier because these hair do not react this badly to wrong cosmetics, as it tends to be with last two types. They may like (or not) cosmetics for healthy and damaged, straight and curly, high and low porosity hair.

The most important rule is not to cause any harm! Medium porosity hair are not damaged, but a bit more sensitive due to raised cuticles. They are certainly the most common and not always cause problems. Most people have naturally medium porosity hair. You just need to learn how to take care of them to emphasise the curl and provide yourself with beautiful waves instead of frizzed strands.