Medium porosity hair – Facts and Myths

Being average or medium is not okay. At least that is what everyday situations tend to prove us. However, if we take into consideration hair condition, then medium porosity hair is not that bad. You may even say that such hair can look really well. Many people have medium porosity hair, but that does not mean that their hair weren’t healthy from the day they were born!

Let’s start with a remainder about the porosity of hair. Simply putted, this is a level at which hair cuticles are raised. More raised expose hair and make it more sensitive, while sealed cuticles provide great protection. That’s it for the theory. Now, how does this relate to the appearance and hair care of medium porosity hair? Allow us to introduce to you, the most popular facts and myths.

FACT: Medium porosity hair like various oils.

This it true, though plenty people hope that someone will hand them ready list of oils for medium porosity hair. Unfortunately, hair with such porosity like almost all drying, semi-drying and non drying oils. Therefore, for their conditioning you can use oils recommended both for low and high porosity hair. However, this does not mean that every oil will be good for medium porosity hair. Unfortunately, the perfect combination of oils will be different for every hair and there is no precise recipe.

MYTH: Silicones can damage medium porosity hair.

On the contrary, if you have medium porosity hair, you should care about sealing their cuticles. Silicones can help you that. You can easily and with no fear use cosmetics with silicones to protect medium porosity hair.

FACT: There can be differentiated at least two subtypes.

In fact, medium porosity hair have their own division, that takes into consideration their tendencies. Not every medium porosity hair is equal. It can be more or less damaged, because cuticles are going to be raised at different levels. For this reason, there are at least two subtypes of medium porosity hair – leading to low porosity or high porosity.

MYTH: If they are liable to treatment with curler, you should do it more frequently.

There is no doubt that the porosity of hair impacts the level of curl. Women with curly hair mostly have high porosity hair, while low porosity hair are smooth, straight and full-bodied. Medium porosity hair are prone to curl, but that does not necessarily mean that they require frequent help. Good quality hair oil is enough to emphasise curl. Excess use of curler (or straightener) can lead to worsening hair condition under the influence of high temperatures.

FACT: Medium porosity hair can improve.

Yes, though not in every case. If you were born with hair that just have medium porosity by nature, it is going to be difficult to seal their cuticles. However, medium porosity hair can be healthy. In any other case, hair can be restored with right condition. To do that, you have to quite weighting down treatments, choose right hair oil for medium porosity hair and show a little bit of patience. Low porosity is in your reach.

MYTH: Medium porosity hair always frizz and curl in rainy days.

It is often said that hair with raised cuticles frizz if exposed to humidity. Partially, this is true. Sometimes, delicate rain is enough for hair to absorb water and curl or frizz under its influence. However, this is not a rule. It all depends on hair. So, humidity not every time has unfavourable impact on medium porosity hair.