RANKING of the best masks for medium porosity hair

Medium porosity hair is the most common hair type – it has a tendency to get frizzy and dry, is often dull and fast to split, looks weak. Which mask for medium porosity hair to choose in order to improve hair manageability and win back its lost beauty?

Below you’re going to find 10 hair care products that are both top-rated and recommended for medium porosity hair. These hair masks were designed to satisfy the needs of the strands that most of us have – normal, in a fairly good but not perfect condition. Therefore, if you’re looking for a cosmetic that would help you improve the moisture in hair and make the strands stronger, you’re in a good place. This is a ranking of the best hair masks for medium porosity hair that are able to restore the shine, softness and resilience that the tresses have lost due to various reasons. Find out which hair mask for medium porosity hair to pick and expose the hair to the treatment it deserves and is longing for!


Nanoil, Argan Hair Mask

1. Nanoil, Argan Hair Mask (300 ml)

*Hair mask recommended by hairdressers and hair stylists!

This ranking’s winner because it’s highly-rated by the users – argan hair mask by Nanoil. The secret of its beneficial effect on the tresses lies in the formula enriched with cold-pressed and unrefined argan oil playing the role of both the base and key ingredient. This all-natural oil grants deep nourishment and improves hydration in the strands. When it comes to the provitamin B5, it boosts the hair reconstruction abilities of the mask. Treating the tresses with Nanoil Argan Hair Mask at every hair washing (at least once a week) suffices to bring out the inner beauty of the strands and protect them from the damage. Undoubtedly, this is the best mask for hair that is medium porosity – the product doesn’t only make the strands stronger day by day but also shields them from high temperatures that both hair styling tools and the sun generate. Last but definitely not least, Nanoil Argan Hair Mask envelops the hair with incredibly pleasant aroma!

Learn more: nanoil.us

Kevin Murphy, Hydrate-Me.Masque

2. Kevin Murphy, Hydrate-Me.Masque (200 ml)

Another place is taken by a hair mask that is available in a slightly smaller size and for a higher price. It attracts attention mainly with its uncommon packaging – a pink bottle that has cut-at-angle edges and a convenient nozzle. Undoubtedly, this is a good hair mask destined for medium porosity hair, the main aim of which is to ensure moisture and hair repair. Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me.Masque is recommended to frizzy hair, but not only. It can be also applied to dyed hair because it protects the color and adds shine to the strands. The hair mask has to be applied to freshly washed hair.

Moroccanoil, Intense Hydrating Mask

3. Moroccanoil, Intense Hydrating Mask (250 ml)

A cosmetic designed for those who want to expose the hair to an ultra-fast treatment – 5-minute Moroccanoil hair mask. This enriched with argan oil creamy product prevents water loss and helps to lock the nutrients inside the hair. Thanks to this quality, hair looks better and feels better, which is easy to notice at every use. Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask has to be applied to the towel-dried hair after washing, and later rinsed after 5 minutes. However, you have to use plenty of water to remove the cosmetic from the strands completely – it’s pretty thick.

Milk Shake, Integrity

4. Milk Shake, Integrity (500 ml)

In terms of the hair masks destined for medium porosity hair, there is one product that wins in the “size” category, and this is Milk Shake Integrity. Indeed, the size is big, but you obviously have to pay an adequate amount of money for it. This is a nourishing hair mask enriched with keratin, coconut oil and African butter called Murumuru. The most visible effects that this product is able to produce include hydration and hair resilience improvement. Apart from that, the hair mask also combats frizz, yet the hair may seem to lose some volume too. Milk Shake Integrity hair mask has to be applied to wet hair. It has to be rinsed too.

Authentic Beauty Concept, Hydrate Mask

5. Authentic Beauty Concept, Hydrate Mask (200 ml)

An inconspicuous hair mask characterized by a minimalist design is Hydrate Mask by Authentic Beauty Concept brand. It smells fresh fruit so it may evoke some associations with summer afternoons. The product combines mango and basil extracts that not only nourish hair but also make it look fresh. This is a moisturizing hair mask destined for medium porosity hair, but not only. It should work on all tresses that lacks moisture. Also, this hair mask ensures damage protection.

Schwarzkopf, Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Treatment

6. Schwarzkopf, Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Treatment (200 ml)

This one of the cheapest and easily accessible masks for medium porosity hair (normal) is destined for those who don’t look for deep hair repair. This long product name – Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Treatment – is given to a moisturizing hair mask developed to serve mainly dehydrated strands. Application is standard. The cosmetic has to be put on damp hair and then rinsed. Later, a comb should run smoother through the hair. The strands themselves also become smoother. Even though this product meets with general approval, the opinions of the users appear to be mixed.

Wella, SP Hydrate Mask

7. Wella, SP Hydrate Mask (400 ml)

Another product is an untypical – because closed in a white-and-blue cubicle – hair mask destined for normal and dry hair. This means that this product is suitable for medium porosity hair. The producer promises nourishment and moisture boost, although this is a pretty universal product solving current hair problems. It smooths out frizzy hair. It helps detangle knots. It adds shine to dull strands. Wella SP Hydrate Mask belongs to the mid-priced hair care products, is fairly universal and effective.

Alkemilla K-Hair, Acid Mask

8. Alkemilla K-Hair, Acid Mask (200 ml)

A little-known hair mask suitable for treating medium porosity hair is Alkemilla K-HAIR. Apart from the back and very elegant-looking packaging, this hair mask also stands out because it has acidic pH, which is proven to be favorable for hair. This is a vegan product but since it’s a natural hair mask, it expiration date is pretty short – it has to be used up within just 6 months. This cosmetic is formulated with soy proteins, passiflora flower extract, vanilla and blueberry. Additionally, Acid Mask is enriched with nettle and orange extracts. It smells wonderful and is good at delivering nourishment to the hair.

Primaria, Sublimating Mask

9. Primaria, Sublimating Mask (500 ml)

An interesting offering for medium porosity hair is Primaria Sublimating Mask, which gives surprisingly good effects in smoothing hair. It contains redoxin, which is a substance responsible for keeping the hair in a good shape. Apart from this, the hair mask also features cellulose that helps the hair regenerate faster. Undoubtedly, these two ingredients aren’t commonly used in hair masks, therefore not everyone is eager to reach out for Primaria Sublimating Mask. However, if you decide to apply the hair mask to the strands, you should use it at every hair washing, to damp hair. You can let it sit from 3 up to 20 minutes. Even though the hair mask size is big, it doesn’t last long.

Syoss, Lightweight Treatment

10. Syoss, Lightweight Treatment (300 ml)

The last hair care product included on this list is a lightweight hair mask for normal and thick hair produced by Syoss brand. Being the cheapest hair care product enumerated, it also appears to be the least efficacious. However, it serves well as a day-to-day conditioner for hair that needs some nourishment. This cosmetic eases detangling and smooths hair out. Alike all the hair masks listed above, Syoss Lightweight Treatment has to be applied to damp hair and rinsed after 5 minutes.