Hair porosity – a handful of information.

As a matter of fact, hair care is a difficult task, to which we must be carefully prepared. It is not about the tools or skills. What matters is the knowledge about the specifics of hair. For example, do you know why some hair curls in a humid climate, while other remain straight? The answer to this question is to be found below.

We distinguish three types of hair porosity. It can be low, medium or high. What does it mean? This classification determines the extent to which hair is damaged, for example by styling or environmental factors. As a prelude, I would also like to mention what causes damage to hair.

Harmful factors.

The first group includes styling treatments, such as dyeing, bleaching, backcombing, straightening, curling, perm, blow-drying, inappropriate styling cosmetics.

Other factors have nothing to do with styling, however, are also very important. In this case we can distinguish a diet low in nutrients, bad weather conditions (humidity, frost, wind, strong sun), poorly-chosen hair care cosmetics or lack of care, allergies.

Hair porosity – what is it?

The factors were mentioned not without a reason. They all have influence on the condition of hair which contributes to its porosity. Why is it so important to determine hair porosity? The answer is simple. It is the best information describing the health of your hair.

Low porosity hair is the least damaged. Its condition is the best, which is why it looks the prettiest – such hair is straight, very smooth, easy to comb and shiny. If you have a velvety and very well cared hair, it is probably of low porosity.

High porosity hair is the opposite to the previous ones. The state of such hair is the worst, because care and styling is difficult – such hair is very dry, stiff, dull, rough, tangled, curls under the influence of moisture, prone to hair loss or dandruff.

Medium porosity hair is something between these two. They are not in the best condition, but it could be worse – it is usually dry, dull and unruly. Therefore, styling effects do not last long. You can improve its condition with the help of natural oils.